Phage Hunters in Barcelona

UMBC phage hunters explore new hunting grounds in Phage Hunters Genome Analysis – Barcelona Edition

This course is part of a Summer Study Abroad Experience. in which students investigate phage genomics in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. 

In the summers of 2018 and 2019, led by UMBC Biology faculty Dr. Ivan Erill, students enrolled in a Spanish course, the UMBC Phage Hunters Genome Analysis course and optionally a BIOL 499 Undergraduate Laboratory/Field Research credit. You can follow their comings and goings here.

In winter 2025, Dr. Steven Caruso will take students back to Barcelona with new and exciting course options! Non-Biology majors can take BIOL 216L – Phage Hunters Genome Analysis. Biology majors can take Phage Hunters Genome analysis as BIOL 302L or BIOL 316L in addition to BIOL 499. Program details are available here and a brochure here.