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HHMI Janelia Research Campus
HHMI Janelia Research Campus

13th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, April 2022

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation: Analysis of Streptomyces Bacteriophages Annihilus, TonyStarch, and Vorvolakos.


12th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, April 2021

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation and Talk: There’s no such thing as over-packing: Do phages compensate for GC content mismatch by bringing their own tRNAs?

2021 SEA Symposium
2021 SEA Symposium

11th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2019

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation: Of clusters and mischief: the Streptomyces phageome

2019 SEA Symposium
2019 SEA Symposium

10th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2018

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation and Talk: Phage hunting in a phytopathogenic host, Streptomyces scabiei

Faculty Poster: GOing forward: developing critical reading skills through an inter-campus GO annotation competition

2018 SEA Symposium
2018 SEA Symposium

9th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2017

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation: A Tale of Tails: The Caudovirales Triumvirate

2017 SEA Symposium
2017 SEA Symposium

8th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2016

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation: Two Pacific Bacteriophages Isolated and Characterized: Nanodon and SalinJah, Collected from volcanic Kilauea, HI and the infamous Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

7th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2015

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation: Genomic Analysis and Characterization of Bacillus Bacteriophage TsarBomba

Faculty Poster: Giving it a GO – enhancing bacteriophage genome annotation and student learning with the Gene Ontology


6th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2014

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation and Phage Hunter Talk: Weaving the Bacillus Myoviridae Tapestry Tapestry: Gene Histories in the C Cluster


5th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2013

Phage Hunter Poster Presentation: Troll, a Curved-Tail Myoviridae of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki

Faculty Poster: Out From Under the Bridge: Switching the Student Population of SEA-Phages


4th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2012

Faculty Poster: Comparing Educational Outcomes of a Team-Based Learning Approach and a Traditional Lecture Approach to Teaching Genetics


3rd Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2011

Phage Hunter Talk and Poster Presentation: Hunting Methuselah

Faculty Poster: The Phage III – The Virus Strikes Back


2nd Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2010

Phage Hunter Talk and Poster Presentation: The Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bacteriophage Drazdys

Faculty Poster: The 2nd Running of the Phages at UMBC

1st Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, June 2009


Faculty Poster: eBiology I & II – Hunting Phages at UMBC